A Will Powered Confession

Something deep down.
Compelled me to challenge the sea…

Like the flowing waters,
It came crashing like a wave.
The subtle shift in the current,
Giving way to the unexpected-
A passing sailor.

He found me…
Adrift &clinging to my past;
As though its knowledge kept me afloat.
Refusing to let go, I invited him aboard.

My raft, though small, carried me;
Rising, falling, crashing-
Below the force of the waters.
The impact of the bitterness,
Tossed my beloved lifeline about,
Threatening to capsize my mind
Beneath the pressure of its whispers.

Somehow traversing the length of despair,
Never thought I’d find another…
A human being sailing these seas;
Someone full of understanding
With an open- though timid heart,
He outstretched his hand,
Beckoning me to join him.

Pirates- vicious barbarians;
They prey on the weak, the frail;
Stealing in the breath of the trusting.
Bathing themselves in stolen booty-
The sea was full of them.
It became my beacon for life preservation,
So I accepted- tentatively.

Sailing toward survival,
Kindness… seemed a foreign concept.
A stranger, caring? Ludicrous.
How dare he believe I could be so foolish.
But I was.

With each passing day,
As the sails filled &emptied,
Catching the breeze,
Yet releasing it, just the same.
I began to notice this sailor.
The rise &fall of his chest,
As he spoke passionately of his travels.
The darting of his eyes,
Navigating the depths.
The curves of his muscles,
Meticulously setting our course.
Yet still, his heart was ever elusive.

A stormy past: a shared experience,
Joined our minds, connecting our paths.
Suddenly, the oceans, ever vast…
Ever unknown, seemed no longer.
It held no more power over me
Than my raft held wisdom.
Once lost, adrift at sea,
I learned to trust a sailor…

FI: Sarolta Ban

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